Roof Repair Info

Roof Repair Info
Roof is one of the most important parts of a building. It protects the buildingfrom exterior damage, caused by weather hazards and nature perils. A leak in the roof or a poor ventilation can lead to serious damage of your property’s interior. This is why, immediate action is needed. Depending on the level of damage, you can choose to replace or to repair the roof. Repair is less expensive and it usually implies the restoration or recovery of a single section of the roof that suffered as a result of hail, heavy storm, strong wind or fall of a tree branch.

Repairing damaged shingles
Shingles play an essential role in protecting your property, as they are the outer layer that comes in direct contact with the exterior environment. It should come as no surprise that one day a shingle or two can end up with a serious damage that can further lead to leaks and mold growth. In this case, the contractor will assess the shingles, and come up with a solution of restoring the harmed structures using specialized tools and high-quality materials. In a worst case scenario, he will replace the damaged shingles.
Sealing vent pipe leaks
Vent pipes are separate elements that are integrated into the roof system. Often, on the border of shingles and vent pipe can appear leaks that cause water damage and penetration of debris and wind currents. The repairing process consists of sealing the bordering section with reliable sealing agents that make the roof waterproof again.
Cleaning up the gutters
Gutters are good fighters against stormawater, but sometimes even they can give up. A big load of water, or too much debris and mud can stuff the gutter, or cause their deformation, which impedes them from performing their task. Nonfunctional gutters can lead to penetration of water through the walls, which can damage wiring system. Repair works include the restoration of gutter’s shape and angle, as well as the clean up of the the channels, by removing the leaves, mud, and branches.