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Village Hall Monthly Meeting Schedule        2013 Meeting Minutes & Agendas

Village Board 1st & 3rd Tuesdays 6:00 PM
Committee of the Whole 2nd Tuesday 6:00 PM
Code Enforcement & Public Safety Committee 3rd Tuesday 5:00 PM
Planning, Zoning, Licensing, & Ordinance Review Committee
3rd Tuesday 5:30 PM
Environmental Planning, Protection & Management Committee 2nd Tuesday 5:30 PM
Finance Committee Every Tuesday 5:30 PM
Human Resources & Community Outreach Committee 1st Tuesday 5:00 PM
Public Works Committee 1st Tuesday 5:30 PM
Plan Commission & Zoning Board of Appeals 2nd Wednesday when posted 7:00 PM
Main Street Committee 4th Thursday 7:00 PM

Community Monthly Meeting Schedule
JAWA 4th Wednesday 6:00 PM (CLCJAWA - Lake Bluff)
Community Development Commission 4th Wednesday 7:00 PM (County Administration Building)
Lake County Affordable Housing Commission (847) 263-7478 (Affordable Housing Commission)
SWALCO (847) 336-9340 (Solid Waste Agency of Lake County)
S.A.L.T. (Seniors and Law Enforcement Together) 2nd Friday 10:00 AM (Round Lake Beach Police Dept.)
RL Area Chamber of Commerce (847) 546-2002 (Round Lake Area Chamber of Commerce)
Resource Center Board Meetings (Mano A Mano) 1st Thursday 7:00 AM (RLP Police Department)
Round Lake Management Commission 1st Thursday 7:00 PM (Round Lake Park Village Hall)